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Two things that I am passionate about are cooking and playing soccer. Food has always been a passion of mine, well eating it and making it. I love how you can mix interesting flavors and create something great. Watching people in the kitchen growing up and actually making the food brings my spirits up every time. Soccer well I did not realize how important soccer is until looking back on it. Soccer helped keep me at the school i’m at, and it also helped me open up to new people As a child I would always want to be everything possible, but the longest career choice I have had is being a Chef. I have always enjoyed eating food but actually making the food made me happier. When I would be down and I did not want to do anything even cook, when I finally got in the kitchen to make something it made me feel better. I’ve had an interest in being a chef for a while I even took cooking classes when I was younger. Having a lot of people in my family thats knows how to cook, I would…show more content…
When starting soccer I was struggling with high school life because it was still new to me . Being on the team and meeting everyone changed my mind about everything and a new passion was found; which I have approved over the years. When getting on that field, my nerves just seem to go away and I want to do the best I can. Through my years of learning from my coaches and teammates, I have learned my own style of playing. I have also learned that it is not one person that makes up the team, but it takes every player on that team to work together as a unit to be a successful soccer team. All my teammates are different, but they all bring something valuable to the team, which is beneficial. Over time my teammates became my second family that I can confide in and joke around with and know they would be honest with me. There are so many reasons why soccer is important to me because it’s my stress reliever, a passion of mine, and my favorite thing to do to pass

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