Why Is Arranged Marriage Better Than Love Marriage

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Today, I will share with you a long, drawn-out argument, between getting an arranged marriage, and a love marriage. I know, it sounds silly, right? It might seem like a petty argument, but trust me, it’s not. Marriages each have different reasons behind them, leading to certain decisions, however, each decision comes with its own conclusion, be it good or bad. I, personally, would favour an arranged marriage based solely upon all of its benefits; for example, we, the children don’t have to worry about arranging/preparing anything, but we still have control over who we want to marry, so the marriage is not forced, contrary to popular belief. I will present my 3-point argument between the traditional arranged marriage, and the unorthodox love…show more content…
In essence, the two families join up together to become one large family, because both sides of the family accept the other. This is very helpful for the woman, as, due to the stronger bonds, she feels more comfortable when she leaves her home to live with the family of the groom. Also, since the relationship has been arranged in cooperation of both families, the couple have a strong sense of commitment towards the relationship, making them want to strive to keep the relationship stable. In comparison to an arranged marriage, a love marriage is more risky, as, if the two families do not like each other, pressure to end the relationship may be applied onto the couple. This kind of situation may occur because the families only care about their child’s happiness in the relationship. Because of this, the couple do not have a strong sense of commitment and do not tend to put much effort into keeping their relationship alive. From comparing an arranged marriage to a love marriage, I feel as though having an arranged marriage would give me a safer and more secure future. I thank you for listening to this speech, and good day to

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