Why I Want To Be A Sports Agent Essay

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Looking ahead at what is coming in the future makes reality sink in. It feels like I just started college only a months ago and looking for a career is only years away. While playing and following sports my whole life, I have decided I want to have a career involving sports. After graduating from East Stroudsburg University, I plan to have a degree in sports management. I hope to only have a moderate amount of college loans, which I will need to pay back. My career goal is to become a sports agent. The many benefits to becoming a sports agent is what motivates me to pursue this career. In 5 years I will do a lot to pursue my goal in becoming a sports agent. My career goal is being a sports agent consist of many tasks. A sports agent’s job…show more content…
I plan to get an internship with a sports team within the next year. This will help me experience what it is like to work with a group of people, and is a great way to start networking. I plan to graduate from East Stroudsburg University in two years with a sports management degree. When I graduate I will have a lot of knowledge of the management of sports. Next, I plan on attending law school. I will apply to a bunch of different law schools. From the schools that accept me, I will choose the one that I think is best for me. After graduating from law school, I plan to have all of the knowledge that I need in being a sports agent. Then, I will start hunting for a job. I will do this through connections I have made as an intern. This career in being a sports agents is something I have been pursuing for quite some time. I feel that these goals I have set in becoming a sports agent are very attainable. I am on the right track to achieving my goals. Knowing I have a chance to have a great career job that I will enjoy is something that motivates me a lot. In the next 5 years I will do everything I need and can do to achieve my goal in becoming a successful sports

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