A Comparison Of Mafia Two Vs. Real Life Mafia

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Mafia 2 has a lot of similarities and differences than the real life Mafia. For example, they both have the same amount of violence and they have to do what their boss says. If they don’t listen, they get killed. The game is nothing like Grand Theft Auto, although the sources argue otherwise. It takes place in the 40s and 50s and gives off the feel as if you were in that time period. The main character was called Vito Scaletta. In the game, you play as his character and have many objectives to take care of during gameplay. Game tasks include driving, walking, stealing, shooting, and tutorials. Along with that, there are also side tasks like staying away from the cops and following other cars. Vito’s character closely resembles real life Mafia…show more content…
They both have Italian accents, they go out to clubs and bars, and they are similar in how they look. Vito also shows resemblance to Lucky Luciano who was part of a real life Mafia. Vito and Lucky are both mobsters, meaning that they are bad and they are criminals. However, Lucky was a real mobster and Vito was a fictional mobster. They both hang out in gangs and sell drugs to different members of the gang. They both have missions and they both have to work for their boss. Lucky’s boss is named Joe. Vito also has a friend named Joe. Another thing that makes them both similar is they were both deported and they both killed random people. They also spend time in jail and they are both Italian Americans. While Vito and Lucky are both similar, they are different in some ways. Vito was a solder in World War II, and Luciano was an informant and provided the US Navy with information about Europe. They both are connected to the prison but in different ways. In the game, Vito has to be a brawler in prison and Luciano has to do different prison tasks. One last thing that makes them different is that Lucky died from a heart attack, but Vito stayed alive during the course of the

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