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The movie “Lions for Lambs” written by Matthew Michael Carnahan, focuses on three individuals who have dedicated their lives to public service. Each of them desire to do what they believe is in the best interest of their country, but each go about doing so in very different ways. Robert Redford portrays Professor Stephen Malley, a man who has spent his life helping students understand the history of the world and how it affects them. He desperately wants his students to understand that by doing even a little bit for their fellow mankind can have an effect on the world. Janine Roth, played by Meryl Streep, is a journalist who began her career focusing on hard truths, covering events and presenting to the American people what she believed to…show more content…
Professor Malley has asked to meet with him to discuss his sporadic attendance and to hopefully find out a reason why Tom no longer seems to be interested in class. Tom gives several explanation, none of which Professor Malley accepts. Finally, Tom tells him he doesn’t agree with the way America is being run and has decided to enjoy his privileged life and not be involved with the political goings on. The Professor tells the story of two former students who came from very meager beginnings but who were determined to make it a better world for everyone. Ernest Rodriguez (Michael Pena) and Arian Finch (Derek Luke) were students who had fought hard to get to where they were and both had a promising future ahead of them. They had decided they could do more and enlisted in the military, they were assigned to active duty in Afghanistan. Tom continues to argue his point that he can’t change the way the Government works. Professor Malley struggles to get him to wake up, telling him: “Rome is burning. And the problem is not just with the people who started it. They're past irredeemable. The problem's with all of us who do nothing“. Ernest and Arian, meanwhile, are in a military helicopter on their way to the mountain top in Afghanistan where they are being assigned to ground duty when the helicopter comes under attack from the Taliban ground

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