Why I Love: A Fictional Narrative

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"Marigold!" A voiced hissed, muffled by the thick seaweed curtain. "Are you done, yet?" "Almost, give me a few moments!" I yelled around the silver flower in my mouth. I finished my braid, and tucked the flower into the clear elastic holding the hair in place. There. I was done and ready for my first day. I swam out, pushing the silky sea plants aside. "How do I look?" I asked my best friend, and twirled around. She was seated on a chair, arms crossed, and flipped her tail, annoyed. "You look great, but couldn't you go any faster?" Tara huffed. She was dressed in a silver shell top and her natural lavender hair was curled slightly at the ends. Her pale grey tail was dotted with doodles, paint splatters, and swirls. Tara was so lucky, she was destined to be a artist.…show more content…
I was stuck with midnight blue hair, that never could be curled for more than five hours. It would straighten by itself, my mother always told me it was a genetic thing from my great, great, grandparents. My tail was a metallic, soft golden shade, hence my name, Marigold. The scales were designed with musical notes, I was destined to be either a singer or play a musical instrument. "I guess I could, but we're already here, why the rush?" "Because I don't want to be late for the first day!" She exclaimed and handed me my shoulder bag. "Gosh, someone woke up on the wrong side of the shell." I teased. Tara gave me a look and pulled out her shell phone, the newest PearlPhone. "Let's go, Mari." She said as she tapped the screen. I swam by her, craning my neck to peek at what she was doing. "Tara, what exactly are you doing?" I asked, when I finally accepted the fact that she wasn't going to show me what she was doing. "Tara
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