Vietnam War Catholic Church Analysis

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It has been more than 40 years since the end of the Vietnam War in Asia. The U.S went into the war with its mission of stopping the North Vietnamese communist from invading South Vietnam. When things were not going too good for the U.S military and thousands of our soldiers, and innocent Vietnamese civilians were being killed, Americans in the United States were beginning to see how horrible and injustice this war was. According to the writer of this article that takes place in the 60’s, the members of an organization called Catholic Peace Fellowship, which took roots from the Catholic Worker movement, were opposed to the development of the war in Vietnam in the mid 1960’s (Pg. 1033). There were other organizations that took a stand towards…show more content…
The CPF antiwar movement and catholic protestors even though it did not have complete support from the mainstream American Catholics, and most Catholics supported the Vietnam war, the CPF’s activities was a (one) way that America Catholics could respond to the Vietnam war, and mirrored its attitudes and relationship with the American catholic church. According to the author the CPF’s rise was depended on the attitude or policies of the Roman Catholic church, and the way CPF protested stood as a measuring tool how catholic laypeople understood and took those changes. Between 1962 and 1965, a second Vatican council took place in Rome, in this meeting the Council bestowed more authority on Catholic laypeople, and the CPF’s interpreted as authorization to work for social justice in the public arena (PG. 1033). Before this, Catholic laypeople during the Vietnam War led the role for fighting for social justice with some degree of religious authority. The writer mentions that the CPF’s had great confidence in themselves opposing the war and their employment of divine arguments against the American military intervening in Vietnam that it exposed their image in the public view that only the catholic clergymen took. The CPF’s protest to the

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