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There are many issues that surround the sex offender registry. The issues are for both the people on the registry and those that are not. Some of the issues include that people do not understand what all can get you on the registry and make assumptions of everyone that is on it. There are different classifications for sex offenders and almost all people that are put on the registry will be on it for life. This paper will include what are the main issues surrounding the sex offender registry and what can be done to solve the problems. Some history of the sex offender registry is in 1994- Jacob Wetterling Crimes Against Children and Sexually Violent Offender Act, which established guidelines for states to track sex offenders. That includes confirming their place of residence annually for ten years after their release into the community or quarterly for the rest of their lives if the sex offender was convicted of a violent sex crime. In 1996 Megan’s Law and The Pam Lychner Sex Offender Tracking and Identification Act of 1996, which required states to provide the public with relevant information about sex offenders and involving the FBI by creating a national database, the NSOR. In 1997 The Jacob Wetterling Improvements Act, which took steps to…show more content…
They see all of them as being rapists and child molesters but that is not the case as we learned in the previous paragraph. There are many other things that warrant you making it on to the registry but most people in society do not realize that. Another assumption that is made is that sex offenders cannot be rehabilitated. They believe that anyone labeled a sex offender should not be given a second chance and should not even be out in society with everyone else. Some neighborhoods will not allow anyone on the registry to live there and believe that there should somewhere that all sex offenders should live so they are not a danger to everyone

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