Mrs Doubtfire Stereotypes

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Diagnostic Essay The film Mrs Doubtfire is very much catered to a family audience as it follows the story of a man trying to sneak time in with his children disguised as an elderly woman. The story has a little bit of something for everyone because the humour is quite upbeat and slapstick for children but the very serious nature of the journey that the family go through as the parents get divorced is more catered to a mature audience seeking a more adult storyline to follow. Trying to decipher how the film finds a balance with its audience brings forward another layer to how it is perceived or if it is in fact perceived that way at all. For instance a single mother may find Williams role as immature and poorly behaved but doting father to be somewhat offensive as the hardworking mother is painted out to be the antagonist of the story or a child with no father may find Williams character to be heroic in wanting his children back; further still, depending on background and culture those perspectives and views of the film could go…show more content…
Again we see this technique being used in the Big Momma series all of which are predecessors to Mrs Doubtfire. All of this giving the idea that though the general plot of the film may not have captured the attention of audiences, the premise had gained enough popularity for other writers such as Darryl Quarles to use an extremely similar idea but form it into something perhaps a little more interesting for a wider audience which would explain why it was so successful and another two films were created from

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