Determinism In Lord Of The Flies

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We are born with a blank slate, yet genetically determined to be anything. William Golding's book Lord of the Flies and the movie Hotel Rwanda showcase many aspects of human nature. Over time (,) we see repeated acts of violence or discrimination in history as well as how genetic determinism can affect someone’s way of living and thinking. Then there is behavioral determinism or our repeated actions that become the standard. The idea of original sin, id, ego, and superego relate to the main characters in Lord of the flies: Ralph, Jack, Piggy and Roger. In addition to this, the way evil manifests itself in different situations. Thus, what we learn, what we experience, our pattern of behavior, and our genetic make-up become the basis of our…show more content…
As history progresses, the violent nature of humans always rears its ugly head. As far back as the medieval times where people could be brutally tortured to the death, humans as a species have a way of becoming the outsider’s perspective of evil. In 1641, enslaving Africans was legalized and did not end until 1865; Two-hundred and twenty-four years that people of the darker skin color were enslaved, tortured, raped and an assortment of other things. Even after slavery was abolished, African Americans still struggled to succeed in society because of segregation laws. Then, in 1933, A Nazi regime led by both Adolf Hitler and the European government took the lives of over six million Jews. The murders did not stop with the Jews but continued on to 200,000 gypsies, as well as mentally and physically disabled patients. Still, in 1942 anyone of Japanese ancestry was relocated to concentration camps in the United States. Fast Forward to 1994 in Rwanda where 800,000 Tutsi people were brutally murdered by the Hutu’s in the Rwandan Genocide. There was no real difference between the Hutu and Tutsi people of that country but because for years they were told who looked different, it determined who would perish in that week of April 6, 1994. Years of slavery and persecution of people could really give one a pessimistic outlook on humans. With the people who are killing and being discriminatory, there’s…show more content…
As previously stated, there is a possibility that our genetics determine what we are and do. There is a concept called tabula rasa and it is the idea that we are born pure and with a blank slate. Some would agree and then relate it to babies and how babies are not born bad or violent. An excerpt from a article that addresses the topic of humans being evil states, ”selfish” condition, twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, where one identical twin siphons blood away from the other. If stealing blood wasn’t bad enough, in cases of vanishing twin syndrome, a fetus will absorb their weaker uterine companion until it miscarries or simply “vanishes”—a legitimate survival of the fittest situation.” now, in this case the baby is not trying to be evil -or at least doctors do not think so- but it supports the idea that even as a fetus humans can be genetically wired to do certain things and be a certain way. That may just be the way it is since in the history of human we still see our counterparts participating in violent acts. Why would a fetus have an instinct to act for survival of the fittest when they haven't been born? In relation to Lord of the flies, Roger was psychopath and he was sheltered by society's rules. Once in the uncontrolled atmosphere of the island he was free to do what he wanted and do what he was essentially born to do, which is torture and kill. There could be a good side to

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