Why Harry S. Truman Dropped The Atomic Bomb

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Harry S. Truman was the man of Missouri, and the son of a farmer. Truman was the thirty third president of the United States of America. He was a democrat; inaugurated in 1945 after the president Franklin D. Roosevelt had passed, and served until 1953. The world was stunned, and Americans held their breath to see what he had planned for them. He had common sense which is what a president really needs. He was known to be honest, moral, down to earth, and loved by many for those reasons. He had a sign on his desk that read “The Buck Stops Here”, and was admired for that reason. He also displayed a quote by Mark Twain; “Always chose right, this will gratify some people, and astonish the rest.” In his young years he dreamt to be either a piano…show more content…
I think there were many advantages and disadvantages to dropping the atomic bombs in order to end the war. The Japanese were given many chances to surrender, but chose not to; they were also warned that if they did not soon surrender they will be facing a mass destruction. Despite all these chances and warnings they still chose to ignore and kept doing what they were doing. They knew that if they were invaded many people will lose their lives because of this, and that is exactly what happened. Yes, it was very terrible that many people died, but what else was there for America to do? And, what is shocking is that is wasn’t even after the first bomb was dropped in Nagasaki that they surrendered; they kept going until the second was dropped. If America did not drop those atomic bombs, the Japanese would have invaded America and killed millions of lives. Technically, we saved many lives by what we did because they killed far less people than the invasion would have killed. That was when Japan’s emperor decided to give in. Some people believe that the judgment of history is clear; that the atomic bombs shortened the war. They also believe that Americans had no alternative to this route on invading Japan, and that it was the best way to stop the war with the least deaths on both sides of the blood conflict. They were at the time worried that if they didn’t act fast, the Japanese would attack or invade them first with something big and fatal, so they acted even faster without any
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