Why Hannah Baker Committed Suicide

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Hannah Baker committed suicide, and she created a set of recordings describing thirteen reasons why she did this. Whenever one of the thirteen receives one of the recordings, they must forward it to another on the list. If they do not Hannah said, “Those copies of the tapes will be released in a very public manner if this package doesn’t make it through all of you. You are being watched” (24). In Cassette 2: Side B Hannah describes an unethical decision made by her peer who was also her neighbor, his name was Tyler Down. One day when Hannah’s family was away, and she was alone in her room she heard a series of clicks; this was when she discovered her “Peeping Tom”. She was not sure what happened, so she decided to change her clothes under her…show more content…
The first on the list was Justin Foley; he affected Hannah because he was her first kiss, but spread rumors that they had intercourse. He told his friends that she stripped her clothes in the middle of the park where they kissed, and begged him to have intercourse with her. This affected Hannah because the school considered her a “slut”, so she was thought as a lower person. Next, Alex Standall is a new kid, similar to Hannah. In fact, he is one of the first people Hannah hangs out with; he was included on her list, because he put her on a list, as the "Best Ass in the Freshman Class" (70). This caused her to receive sexual violence and more rumors, the violence she received was a peer squeezing her butt and saying, “ ‘Best Ass in the Freshman Class, Wally’ ” (80). This is another example of a trend, because if Alex did not make a list of “FRESHMAN CLASS-WHO’S HOT/WHO’S NOT” (69), none of this would have happened to Hannah. Maybe this was a major contribution to Hannah’s suicide, because she said, “Every single event documented here may never have happened had you, Alex, not written my name on that list. It's that simple"

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