Clay Jensen Vs Snowball

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Clay Jensen VS. Snowball There are many differences between characters. Like their height, the way they present themselves, their personalities, their likes, their dislikes. The possibilities are endless. At the same time, not every character is simultaneously or remarkably different either. Their similarities are hard to accurately describe although it could be little things like going to school, having a family, any of that. Clay Jensen, from “Thirteen Reasons why” and Snowball from “Animal Farm” are two extremely different characters. Clay Jensen is an ordinary boy, nothing special. He does not go to any gatherings or popular events. He tells his mom every little detail in his life and always needs her consent before doing something. Snowball,…show more content…
In the book “Thirteen Reasons Why” when Clay found out that Marcus attempted to assault Hannah, Clay became furious and was about to punch him but stopped himself in time. This proves that Clay really did care immensely for Hannah; if it were someone he did not care for he would not have reacted that way. Snowball also defended someone he cared for. In the book “Animal Farm” after Old Majors death, Snowball began to make the lists of commandments that Old Major would have wanted to state. Every time before the entire farm had to make a decision, he said to think what Old Major would have wanted. It proves that Snowball really did care for Old Major. Their values relate to the theme in a positive way. Because in order to maintain good environment you will need to be surrounded by the people you can cope with and be comfortable around…show more content…
He tried his best to keep the farm from falling apart and before he was forcefully driven out of the farm by Napoleon, everyone trusted him and knew that Snowball wants what is best for the farm. Snowball is less in control compared to Napoleon, yet gives him a challenge. Snowball throws his heart and soul into the attempt to spread animalism world wide, and tries to improve Animal Farm’s beliefs. Although Snowball seemed to be more quicker and creative in speech, he was not considered as ‘deep’ as Napoleon. “Pre-eminent among the pigs were two young boars named Snowball and Napoleon.” Despite not getting recognition for it, Snowball continued on throughout the story to bettering the farm, unlike

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