Bullying In All Summer In A Day By Ray Bradbury

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Bullying happens everywhere and all the time. But what are some main reasons for bullying happening? In the short story All Summer in a Day by Ray Bradbury, a girl named Margot is on Venus, waiting for the sun to come out that only appears two hours every seven years. It is always raining the rest of the time. This day is the day that scientists predict that the sun will appear. The children wait for the once-in-7 years opportunity. However, she had an Achilles heel. It was that she was from Earth, where she was able to take in the sunbeams four years longer than they did. Her peers were jealous of her and decide to leave her and play in the sun, after locking her in a closet. A boy named William was the main culprit for this and nothing other than jealousy or anger caused by that jealousy can be the reason. It can easily be stated that jealousy should be resolved because that jealousy can hurt others by not being able to control temper caused by jealousy, so we should try to stop the jealousy. Now, it may be stated that he was acting that way because he wanted to make someone feel more inferior than him by making them feel bad. However, there is a difference between bullying with a direct purpose and bullying without a specific purpose. If this happened just because William wanted to make Margot feel inferior, he would not have been that personal when Margot took those actions. There are three…show more content…
Her poem was as the following. “I think the sun is a flower, that blooms for just one hour.” He probably had positive reception to the poem it or had the same idea. It was just that he was jealous of how she kept talking about the sun. Nevertheless, he still reacted. “Hey, that’s not what you wrote!”This is just one incident and there are a lot. If being jealous means that you have envy in the other person, then it is likely to build up tension between two

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