Thirteen Reasons Why Book Analysis

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The book, Thirteen Reasons Why, by Jay Asher, is a Realistic Fiction novel. I read this book for my book talk assignment. The realistic setting of this book is mainly at school, or outside of school depending on which character is speaking at the time. There are two main characters in this book. There is a girl named Hannah Baker, and a boy named Clay Jensen. Both of these characters are high school students. The main conflict of this book revolves around the fact that Hannah Baker committed suicide. Clay Jensen receives a box full of tapes, which he is told to listen to in order to find out why Hannah Baker killed herself. Clay attempts to bear through all these emotional tapes that Hannah has recorded of herself. He hasn’t heard her voice in such a long time, that after each tape he feels depressed and upset that she…show more content…
Each tape states one reason why she killed herself and each reason happens to be because of a specific person. The message that the author is trying to convey here to the reader is that there is always someone there for you, to talk to in hard times, and just so one can know that they are not alone. However, in the novel Hannah fails to understand this concept. She just assumed that no one cared about her, when that wasn’t the fact. On the other hand, Clay understood this notion and as he was listening to these tapes the thought “I was always there for her, but she just kept shoving me away” was constantly crossing his mind. He looked at himself as the approachable person, but Hannah never took the step to approach him. A key scene in this story is when Hannah and Clay are alone together at a party. At this moment, Hannah and Clay are getting to know each other by talking and finding common interests. As of now, Clay feels as if he has known Hannah for his
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