Satire Essay On Dangerous Drivers

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Dangerous Drivers Have you ever took your eyes off the road for a split second and caught yourself from almost hitting another car? I’m pretty sure it has happened to a lot of us while driving and if it hasn’t happened to you, maybe it has happened to someone you know. Or maybe your car was the car that almost got hit. I know that it has happened to myself a few times. Driving is so dangerous, it doesn’t matter if you try to be the safest driver. Driving isn’t just driving for you, but you’re driving for yourself and the other people on the road. Every time you step foot in a car your taking a chance with your life if you know it or not. Every year nearly 1.3 billion people die in car crashes and an additional 20-50 million are injured or disabled. Most of these ages are starting from age 15 to 44.…show more content…
That goes from texting, talking on the phone, social media, paying attention to your kids and even more. How can we start getting these outrages numbers to decrease instead of increasing every year? Is it even possible? Sadly the way our technology is expanding there’s probably no way where someone will not pick up there phone will driving. This goes especially to teenagers and young adults and in this case this includes myself. People from ages 15 to even 30 are most known to be on their phones will driving. Why can’t we put our phone down while driving? Giving all your attention to the road will decrease your chances in having an accident. Most teenagers and young adults are as I would say imprisoned in our phones. We can’t not put our phone down for so long without even peeking at it if it is to just see the time. Technology plays a huge part in why there are so many accidents, believe it or not. Approximately 60% of the accidents that we have is because the person was not attentive to the road and was on their phone texting and

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