The Pros And Cons Of The Shakers

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The Shakers or more formally known as the organization, United Society of believers in Christ’s Second Appearing believers began overseas in England with a young woman name Mother Ann Lee. She was originally a typical woman who found herself a martyr after moving a small population of the believers to America. She was jailed, treated poorly by not be fed, and beaten. The religion of the shakers had previously existed before these brutal trials she went through, but after these events a new stronger belief was founded. The United Society of believers in Christ had found their Christ in a female form on earth and they took Ann in as their new leader. Many times after this she and her followers were poorly mistreated by outsiders. Because of these brutal incidents she experienced in her life she died at a young age. Nevertheless the religion stuck in America and expanded after Ann’s lifetime.…show more content…
They lived in tight knit housing that had very strict socialist/communist type economic organization. Rules like the separation of sexes were the strictest enforced in the houses. The believers were hard workers building and inventing many items. There workmanship today is still widely known and some items like furniture goes for large sums of money. Some of these strict rules may have been viewed as downfalls for outsiders, but many insiders saw lots of attractive traits to this lifestyle. One of these positives was the community living and the ability to love everybody besides one intimate lover. The community was very stable with money and food plus essentials were plenty for all the believers. The downfall of the shakers came as their population got older and now there remain two houses with a small resident

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