Edward Ellington

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The most influential music from the twenties is the jazz. Jazz inspired and also guided the future genre of music. Jazz was usually played with in African Americans in the early 1900. African Americans were most known to play jazz because of their culture from their ancestors that brought it from Africa when they were forced to be slaves. By the time African Americans for free from slavery, they headed north to abandon the surplus racism they had to endure from the south. The Roaring Twenties are often called the Jazz Age, a time where the art of jazz emerged like never before. Jazz was born in New Orleans; it was a mixture of blues and ragtime. Womean found pleasure listening to the radio and, for many, the radio became the main source of…show more content…
Ellington's childhood friends gave him the Nobel nickname because of hisits elegant and flashy sense of style. He studied the arts while in high school, earning, but not accepting a scholarship to the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. Hhe gave up the fFine aArts in favor of a musical career. From 1927 to 1931, Ellington's band became the house house band for the Cotton Club, which catered to white patrons only. The Cotton Club was the hot spot during its heyday. Live radio broadcasts from the club brought the band its first taste of real fame. Under Ellington's control, the band’s popularity exploded. Ellington's bandeen left the Cotton Club and became one of the most popular bands of the 1930. In 1956, the Duke Ellington Orchestra was invited to the Newport Jazz Festival in Rhode Island;, at first the band performance wasn't very well received by the audience, but when they played their last number, the audience went wild. This performance in the album that followed reignite the Duke Ellington Orchestra. Ellington received Ccallus Hhonors and many awards including 16 honorary doctorates, the president's gold medal from Lyndon Johnson, the medal of freedom from Richard Nixon and the French Legion of Honor. Hhe also has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and 13
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