Comparing Jacob And Esau In Genesis 25-33

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Additionally, the story of Brendan and Tommy parallels the story of Jacob and Esau in Genesis 25-33. First, Brendan is the eldest brother like Esau (Gen. 25:25). Esau had a stronger connection with his father than Brendan has with his (Gen. 25:28), but Brendan chose to stay with his father even when Tommy and his mother left (Warrior). Meanwhile, Tommy is comparatively akin to Jacob. Jacob is the younger brother and the favorite of the mother (Gen. 25:26, 28. Tommy chose to go with his mother when she left his father. Furthermore, Jacob received his father’s blessing through trickery (Gen. 27:18-29), while Tommy received a “blessing” from his father because of his proficiency in wrestling (Warrior). Furthermore, Jacob had to flee his father’s house for fear of Esau after stealing the first-born’s blessing (Gen. 27:41-45). Tommy also ran, but because of his father, and he joined the military (Warrior). Jacob left to work for Laban according to the instruction of his mother (Gen. 27:43). Genesis also tells us that Jacob “was a quiet man, dwelling in tents” (25:27), Tommy likewise kept to himself and did not speak much about his personal life.…show more content…
Neither set of brothers thought resolution was possible. In order for there to be reconciliation, a battle would have to take place. Jacob on his way to face his brother for the first time in years meets with an angel of God and wrestles it (Gen. 32:22-32). Jacob refuses to give up until he receives a blessing (Gen. 32:26). This is similar to Tommy’s fight with Brendan. Neither will give in. Furthermore, both fights end with injury. The angel puts Jacob’s hip out of socket (Gen. 32:25), while Brendan pulls Tommy’s arm out of socket (Warrior). Both had to receive injury for their respective relationships to begin

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