Trench Warfare Research Paper

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The times of World War One were very grim for all. The death toll of this horrific event in history has been estimated at about 10,000,000 people, all fighting for what they believed in; for what they believed to be just. Responsible for many of these gruesome deaths was a new war tactic, known as trench warfare. Trench warfare, a type of combat in which opposing troops fight from trenches facing each other, was a ruthless system of warfare in which mass death, disease, and constant terror among many a brave soldier were all to common. Trench warfare was an effective way to battle as it provided protection as well as a spot to retaliate from, however all surviving soldiers who fought in the trenches would be happy to forget their memories from those appalling pits, as they are filled with disease, filth, inhospitable living conditions, and the never ending death of their beloved comrades.…show more content…
They served as a place of great protection from the opposing lines vast weaponry, and also provided a place for the soldiers to get an attempted rest, in side dugouts within the walls of the trench known as “funk holes”. Built in zigzag patterns, the trenches were designed that if a bomb were to strike one area, it would be contained in that zone and would not disrupt the rest of the trench, and many lives were saved based on this factor. Although the trenches were designed to protect from the outside, it was often what happened within that caused

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