Military Challenge Coins History

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A small coin that bears an organization’s emblem or insignia is called a challenge coin. By tradition, challenge coins are carried by the members of the organization to prove their membership or for identity. The system of these coins was first put to practice by the military. A lot of tales are linked as to when and how the challenge coins started. The most well-known and commonly accepted belief is that they began during the World War I in the US Army Air Service. This was how custom challenge coins first came about. Challenge coins have special meaning for the military that’s why they are also called military coins, military challenge coins, commander’s coins, unit coins and unit challenge coins. These coins represent respect, honor and camaraderie among the soldiers. Challenge coins exemplify the membership, patronage and commitment of the owner. The military challenge coin is an important and valued symbol of the organization. In general, it would have the insignia of the branch of service. It is normally being handed by a higher ranking officer to show their appreciation. Military commanders devise specially imprinted coins to stimulate self-confidence, encourage team spirit, and recognize service members for the hard work they do.…show more content…
Some enjoy collecting challenge coins as their hobby and others do it as a style. Challenge coins are available in numerous kinds and they can be seen being used by various rank holders in the military. These coins are commonly worn on the collars of the uniform of military members. Military challenge coins are marked in a unique way in order to be noticed. A military member is given a challenge coin in honor of their service to the army or in any special task for their country. A military challenge coin gives pride to anyone who owns

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