Why Do Gatorade Always Wins

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Gatorade always wins! Nowadays, there are countless types of advertisements, but one in particular has lasting impression on me was the Gatorade advertisement for its appearance as well as the implied meanings. Gatorade is a popular sport drink; the advertisement shows a Gatorade bottle beat 2 other drinks at a running competition on a large stadium with a statement on a side “Gatorade always wins!” In general, the producers did a good job highlighting the Gatorade bottle in the ad. They portray a fully crowded stadium with a dim blue sky and a spotlight toward the winner- the Gatorade bottle. In the competition, the Gatorade bottle won by a long shot, it crossed the finish line but still stands and shows its strength. While the other two competitors…show more content…
But I have to admit, it’s true. It’s a perfect combination between carbohydrates and electrolytes, it provides just enough energy for users, no less, no more. The author of “Gatorade’s formula for Staying on top: A Blitz of research” journal – Johnathan Eig claims: “The ideal medium for replenishing his lost fluids is a blend of water with 6% carbohydrates and electrolytes. As it happens, that’s the formula for Gatorade.” Dehydration could cause nausea and dizziness and if people continue to do hard word it could become very dangerous and in some rare cases, fatal. Some people have to work for a long day and have to carry many bottles of water to be enough for the day, but with Gatorade, they can carry less weights but more energy. They may insist that water is the best and other sport drinks can cause diseases and bad influences. But James Caldwell informs: “Water doesn’t replace electrolytes that the body loses through sweat or energy lost during exercise,” and “Gatorade has no side effects that anyone should be worried…show more content…
It has a deep blue color which seems very delicious. Gatorade also wins on the diversity of flavors compared to any types of drinks, there are more than 100 different Gatorade flavors developed over time, 31 flavors as of 2014 and now commonly-used are 7, users couldn’t be bored with those flavors and also, “The good taste of Gatorade encourages people to drink more which is important in defending against dehydration. Finally the small amount of sodium in Gatorade also encourages people to drink more and allows the body to maintain fluids better after it has been consumed,” said James

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