Was Oedipus Responsible For His Own Downfall

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Oedipus is to blame for his own downfall by murdering Laius. Oedipus’ downfull is due to his lack of respect for the prophecies, his snooping, and his reckless behavior. In Oedipus Rex, Oedipus' foolishness obviously plays a part in his defeat. Teiresias identified that Oedipus would fall from being king if the truth is revealed, and hence does not want to disclose the actuality of Oedipus’ situation: “Teiresias: Creon is no threat. You weave your own doom” (Sophocles Scene I 161). Oedipus assumes that Teriesias' attempt to save him is a hostile attempt commit conspiracy with Creon: “That you plotted to kill me, plotted to steal my throne?” (Sophocles Scene II 24). Tiresias a priest and a very famed person in the city. Oedipus does not use ration and logic to realize that Teiresias is not to blame.…show more content…
Because of Oedipus’ recklessness, Teiresias is forced to defend himself by disclosing the truth: “You yourself are the pollution of this country” (Sophocles Scene I 135). It is Oedipus who is always inquiring about the truth, and this prying is also a factor in his collapse: “Oedipus: What! You do know something, and will not tell us?” (Sophocles Scene I 115). When he lived in Corinth, it was his snooping that brought him to the Temple of Delphi. There he heard the prophecy, which led him to run, and hence later to satisfy the prediction. Many people also tried to stop him from discovering the truth; first Teriesias, then
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