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Why The Jews Were Justified Today in the Middle East there is a lot of war and conflict. One of the disagreements is on whether or not there should be the State of Israel. Back in 1948, occupants of Israel and Palestine debated if the Jews were justified to create a country (Israel). Although many people, including both Arabs and Jews, argued against forming a country, the Jews were justified in their decision to create the State of Israel because they had religious ties to the land, after many Diasporas they needed a home, and the unfortunate events of the Holocaust made it crucial. The first reason the Jews were justified is because of their many historical and religious ties to the land. They have a historic connection because Ancient Israel was the Hebrews' homeland. The Old Testament tells of Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt and into an area that corresponds to today’s Israel (Roberts). According to Jewish religious text, the Torah, Canaan was the land God promised to the Hebrews. From 1020-922 B.C.E, the kingdom of Israel was founded and ruled by king Saul, David, and Solomon (Beck et al. 72-75). Religious and historic connections was a primary reason for Israel being founded in its region.…show more content…
An example is in 135 A.D., when the Romans drove the Jews out of Jerusalem (Roberts). Persecution (and “institutionalized humiliation”) was always a possibility in Christian and Islamic regions, and the Jews were always vulnerable. Dispersed Jews could never form a strong army or control their fate, so the Jews were never secure. As time went on, persecution became more violent, with entire countries demanding the extermination of Jewish people. The portrayal of the Diaspora in the 1940’s impelled the movement of restoring the Land of Israel

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