Twelfth Night Homoeroticism

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Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare has often an over-looked theme of gender roles. Female homoeroticism, motive of mutual obligations, and sexual attraction are all major aspects of gender roles in the play that are not always identified. Jami Ake, Camille slights, and Casey Charles help analyze the importance of gender roles in Twelfth Night by explaining how relationships throughout the play are more than just a romantic comedy, but a slightly more complicated romantic comedy than what is the surface of the play. Female homoeroticism is depicted in many different modern fictions (Ake) because it is becoming more and more common. Lesbian identity has not existed in the Elizabethan Era because in that time, it is considered unholy or…show more content…
Twelfth Night has personal frustration and social disorder such as Malvolio being tricked by Maria to wear certain things such as yellow stockings and to act a certain way as in smiling all the time around Olivia (Shakespeare). These personal frustrations and social disorder leads to individual fulfilment and social harmony by beneficent fortune and human intrigue which is a traditional comic combination in Twelfth Night. For example, the final scene of Twelfth Night demonstrates the mutual obligations imposed by the new and complicated relationships (Slights). An example that portrays this new and complicated relationships is that of Olivia and Cesario. Earlier in Twelfth Night, Olivia is interested in Viola who was acting as if she, Viola, was indeed Orsino. When Viola figures that Sebastian is truly her brother, she confesses who she really gives her relief of personal frustrations. Viola’s admittance of being a woman leads Olivia to the marriage of her and Cesario who she also was ostensibly interested in (Shakespeare). Slights also mentions that a scene is not missed when the characters are not engaged in giving and receiving money and/or jewels. Even with the exchange of money and/or jewels, economic advantage is not a prime motive (Slights) for the characters unlike sexual

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