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Relationships Between Force, Mass, and Acceleration By: Aaron Del Bosque Partnered With: Trenton McNally and Isaac Ibara 10/7/14 Purpose Question / Objective: This lab focuses on finding the relationships between force, mass, and acceleration on a cart. I will need to specifically find the relationship of force (IV) and acceleration (DV) by recording the amount of time a cart takes to travel a set distance and changing the amount of mass pulling the cart from a hang while keeping the mass on the cart constant. Knowing mass and gravity, you can then calculate the force on the cart. Using the lab sim device given to us by the instructor, it is then possible to calculate the acceleration of the cart from the graph on the program…show more content…
Assumptions: For this lab, it is assumed that friction will not play a role in the outcome of this experiment because it remains constant throughout. If weight is added to the string, the force on the cart will be greater which in turn cause acceleration to be at a faster rate. If weight is added to the cart, the force will decrease and acceleration will also be at a slower rate. Setup…show more content…
At the same time, changing the force applied by changing the mass of the hanging weight also directly affects the acceleration of the cart (and this is shown by the mass increasing, while the force stays the same, the acceleration decreases substantially). The following table shows the mass, force, and acceleration when changing the hanging mass. The following table shows mass, force, and acceleration when changing the mass on the cart and keeping hanging mass the same. Safety: This lab is relatively safe as far as science (and how dangerous science can be) is concerned, so no safety measures need to be taken besides being careful with weights as they are quite heavy. Hypothesis Hypothesis: Mass and force are directly related to acceleration. Variables: In this lab, mass and force are the independent variables, while acceleration is the dependent variable. The constants, for the first experiment (which was finding the relationship between force and acceleration) was the mass that was on the cart. For the second experiment (which was finding the relationship between mass and acceleration) the mass remained

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