Hills Like White Elephants Modernism Analysis

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In the early 20th century, a series of events transpired, turning many of the world’s writers to a more cynical kind of writing. The Great War, the banning of the consumption of alcohol, and the crash of stock market initiated the Modernist literary movement. Modernist Literature has several very specific characteristics. “Hills like White Elephants” by Ernest Hemingway belongs to Modernist Literature because it has an ominous setting, is based around a spiritually compromising topic, and because it displays the workings of the inner mind. Those traits concur with Modernism. This story is about abortion, and while it isn’t stated blatantly, the white elephant being described is a child: a child that the American man, who remains nameless, doesn’t want. He is essentially forcing Jig, the Spanish woman, into having an abortion. The first apparent trait within with this story is the ominous,depressing feeling it emits. From the very first paragraph, the setting is described as shadeless and…show more content…
In “Hills like White Elephants” the American man is essentially manipulating Jig to have an abortion. He uses phrases such as “You will do it if you love me,” and “That’s the only thing that bothers us. It’s the only thing that has made us unhappy.” (Hemingway 476) He is trying to sway her decision with talk of their future. She has him on a pedestal, so to speak, and will do anything to keep him with her. When he tells her she doesn’t have to do anything she isn’t comfortable with, her reply is “And if I do it you’ll be happy and things will be like they were and you’ll love me?” (Hemingway 477) She has a submissive nature that he uses against her. Whenever she hints at happiness, or that everything tastes like licorice he quickly dispels her comments and changes the topic. He has her under pinned under his finger, and Hemingway has portrayed this very stereotypical instance to demonstrate how the mind is shaded by feeling. His mind games leave her completely

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