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Goal of the Experiment In this project, the group was hired by the Environmental Protection Agency. The group was hired because an unknown compound was found in a landfill and the group was given the assignment of investigating it. We have to identify the unknown compound and note its physical and chemical properties so that people know how it might behave as it is in the landfill. We will have to see if it will be soluble if heavy rain will occur and how to safely dispose of the compound. Also the reactivity of the compound had to be discovered to see its longevity in the landfill. If it is very reactive and gives off toxic products than it will have to be disposed of safely.1 Discussion and Explanation The physical properties of the compound included it being an odorless, white, and grainy compound. These results, as seen in table 1 which noted the physical properties of the compound, will indicate that the unknown compound is most likely a salt, thus, the compound has an ionic bond. The solubility test was conducted next. In this experiment, the unknown compound was placed in a solution of either water or acetone and mixed to see if it was soluble in these solvents. The unknown…show more content…
This test was done by placing 1 milliliter of the unknown solution with 3 milliliters of sulfuric acid and 2 milliliters of iron (II) sulfate. A positive test would result in the brown ring forming where the two solutions meet. Equation 4 was a test for an anion test for a carbonate anion. In this test 1 milliliter of the unknown compound had drops of 6 molar of hydrochloric acid. As the drops are added the solution will bubble, or effervesce, which will yield a positive result. Finally, equation 5, is an acetate test that mixes two milliliters of the unknown with a drop of sulfuric acid and 1 milliliter of ethanol. If there is a positive result, the product will be ethyl acetate that has a fruity

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