Why Are Animals Killing Humans In Braberto Brabia

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Introduction: Animals in Burkina Faso can sometimes be underestimated for their power. Did you know that there have been cases where animals have killed human beings in Burkina Faso? Like this one, so about a year ago there was a recorded death of a 65-year-old man, they think the man was killed by cheetahs but they haven't found his body. Why do you think this happens? Well, rivers contribute to the growing rise of people dying in this country, especially when they have poisonous and deadly animals. Also, there are lots of animals and lots of people there if you want to know there are about 18.65 million people that mean that the people are packed in a small space and that attracts animals. The high temperatures also cause the increases in the number of animals which therefore impacts the amount deaths as well. Human beings need to think about their place of residence and be more cautious of their decisions. But the animals can also do something and what they can do is stop the killing, but that is why they call the animals wild. Why do the animals bite?: So sometimes animals bite humans because of hunger, but that is not always the cause. So as you read that is not always the case the case is mostly because of fright, so if you ever tried to scare a big dog they react to biting you. That happens because they are scared of getting scared and that is…show more content…
You can believe about the crocs but the hippos you might not know why they kill, and they are deadly because they have giant jaws and giant teeth and trust me they attack, so don't get too close to them if you find yourself there in the future. Also remember even if you do not see any of these animals you might see others and don't think they're not dangerous because they are not in this list, all the animals in the wild are

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