Nazissm, National Policism (National Socialism)

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Nazism and NDP Nazism (National Socialism) To understand what are parties like NDP first we need to undestand Nazism, that has always been a thing the world hated after the World War II but this ideology in fact has changed the world theres no denying it. The idea of Nazism or with full name National Socialism came from Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party called NSDAP or National Socialist German Workers’ Party. Adolf Hitler as the leader of NSDAP took the control of the entire country in 1933 and got rid of everyone who is opposing him or the party. Became a dictator and forced people to accept him as the Führer.The National Socialism is inspired by the fascism ideology that created in Italy with the leadership of Benito Mussolini. The Nazism…show more content…
National Socialists especially were againts the superiority of the person with money no matter what their race idea in capitalism. According to them, members of the superior race needs equal rights to have a good future. Capitalism is on of the biggest threats. A socialism that is national but not being Marxist is an ideal system againts Capitalism for the Aryan race. Anti-semitism also had a great presence in Nazism, as we know this ended very tragic for Jews in Holocaust, also anti-Slavism, anti- Marxism, anti Communism, Anti Bolshevismand they supported eugenics, state controlling the births of newborn children and euthanasia. They believed in Social Darwinism, believing the strong would rise to power while the weak not being able to…show more content…
Deciding the core doctrins of a socialist nationalism Barres thought that the socialism that is spreading from Russia to the world as a poison. According to him, socialism was a “liberal poison” but a socialism nationally would be a tool to create the collective nationalism. The workers shouldn’t fight against employers that are from workers’ own nation but againts foreign ones and Jewish capital. These thoughts of Barres inspired Adolf Hitler and helped him shape the ideology. Different from socialism, Hitler said that National Socialism is directly is collectively working nationalist system. Between 1920 and 1933 Hitler took control of the German worker class that was already sloping to socialism and made them support his idea. Saying that German worker class should battle againts the Jews’ capital and showing the Jews as the cause of every problem related to economy and socioculture. After taking the idea of a social nationalism from Barres, he optimized the idea to Germany and created the ideology of “National Socialism”. Mostly scholars would identify Nazism as a far right politics and the most extremist one but Adolf Hitler with some officials as syncretic and not left wing or right wing. Hitler claimed that Nazism isn’t exclusively for a particular class, instead it preserved pure elments from both sides by saying "From the camp of bourgeois tradition, it takes

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