The Importance Of Time In The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

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Individuals learn with time that their wants do not always align with their needs. Time changes the perspective of individuals as they gain experience and knowledge and it allows them to reflect on their actions and the resulting consequences. Individuals may realize that the results that they may have wanted would not have worked out in the end. In the movie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, David Fincher shows how Daisy’s outlook on life changes as she ages, and she realizes that her thoughts evolve as time goes on, as shown by Daisy and Benjamin finally forming a relationship, Daisy realizing that she would not have been able to raise both Benjamin and Caroline, and understanding that she cannot be with Benjamin are all instances where time has shaped perspective. With time she realizes that age is not just a number and that what may feel right at the moment is not always right in the long term.…show more content…
What interests one seems to interest the other as well. She recognizes that Benjamin looks older than he is, though she knows that Benjamin looks different she does not realize that it is not normal. She thinks that he is odd and that he is different from anybody else that she has met. Her experiences at that age are minimal and she cannot really compare them, because of this her view is limited. At this time, she thinks that anything is possible, that she can have or do almost anything that she wants to. She does not think that age defines anything more than a number. However, Benjamin’s physical age does not stop her from being friends with him or playing with him. Though Benjamin’s physical age is greater than Daisy’s they both have similar mental ages, as they have been living for similar periods of time so, they have a similar number of

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