Heinreich Kramer: The Witch's Hammer

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It is a treatise over prosecution of witches wriiten by Heinreich Kramer. Kramer explained his view over witchcraft, refuting the claims of people that witches and witchcraft don't exist. This book was written mainly to convince the magistrates that his method of finding and convicting witches. Such books provoked Salem’s Witch Trials and other regrettable means of exploitation on people belonging to different religion. The Witch’s Hammer is originally called Malleus Maleficarum (Latin) and was written in 1486. Religions like Christianity have condemned witchcraft and magic. The Church openly claimed that these things never really existed and those who believe in its existence are seduced by demons and have been fooled by the Devil. After the…show more content…
These kinds of propaganda documents and literature manipulate the viewpoints of general gullible people and make them view practitioners of Wiccan and many other Pagan faiths as evil. Another thing is if we realise the political and trade reasons behind such propaganda, then a lot of our opinions will stand to change. Many people who crafted and popularised such documents were Christian priests who did not like the idea of women holding important positions within a religion or Christian Doctors whose pharma related businesses were being harmed since in these communities women and men were adept in healing themselves through natural and herbal methods. This they couldn’t stand as it was a big and direct threat to their growing medicine business as their business thrived on people getting sicker and sicker and not that people not falling sick at all or being able to treat themselves on their own. Also, a general habit of people to selectively quote & following the religious scriptures blindly is never justified. Christians like to strongly believe that divination and herbology is bad because it is given in the Bible whereas in the same texts “stoning non-virgin women” and other instructions are given and in modern Bible versions these are being edited for wide popularity and

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