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Topic: Ebola virus disease Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: to inform the audience about dangers of the Ebola disease Central Idea: It could be possible that the Ebola disease could spread from West Africa to our country – take an example of H1N1 flu that originate in Mexico and spread to all over the world; therefore to know and avoid this disease would be essential to our lives. Organizational Pattern: Topical Order Introduction: 1. Get Interest: 3,439 people died because of Ebola (Miles, 2014). [Pause] This disease is spreading within West Africa Countries. Plus right now there is one case of Ebola found in USA. And what about us? [Pause] It seems less chance that Ebola will occur in our country. But do you still remember the bird flu in 2008 that the disease was spreading from first in Mexico to all over the world (Kanchanachitra et al, 2010). 2.…show more content…
Introduce Topic: Therefore, in my speech I will introduce the useful information about the Ebola virus disease (EVD). 3. Review Body: My presentation today will include 3 main points, which are first what is Ebola virus, second its symptoms and third how to avoid this disease. 4. Credibility Statement: As I am studying in an environmental science major, I always interested in things that related to science, health and environment in our world. Body 1: What is Ebola? 1. The virus Ebola a. “Ebola virus disease (EVD), formerly known as Ebola hemorrhagic fever, is a severe, often fatal illness in humans.” (WHO, 2014) b. The host of this virus is likely a fruit bat (CDC, 2014). 2. Outbreak a. Multiple countries in West Africa and USA - Texas Dallas b. Human to human transmission i. Spread to people by contact of the skin or bodily fluids of patients, animals or objects infected with the Ebola disease (CDC, 2014) 3. Prediction a. If the scenario of Ebola were still worse, the number of the Ebola cases would rise to 1.4 million by January next year (Sifferlin,

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