Who Is The Antagonist In Apollo 13

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Apollo 13 Apollo 13 is an incredible film because it is a very realistic dramatization about three amazing astronauts that all wanted to succeed “in” their dream of landing on the moon.This a movie is all about action, suspense, and it keeps you on your toes. I would have to say the protagonist in this film would be Jim Lovell because he is a very level_headed individual, as well as a strong-willed person with a lot of intelligence. One particular thing he loves to do besides being the greatest dad ever to his three children (his two daughters and a son), jim has been astronaut. is the most traveled astronaut in the world. Jim had traveled on the Gemini mission,apollo 8,and Apollo 13. together he had been in space 700 hours. Thats a lot of hours to be in space for anyone. The antagonist in this film would be space as well as the spaceship because that's where everything went…show more content…
Everyone in N.A.S.A were extremely smart men who were the best of the best and had been doing this kind of work for years. So when a problem was thrown at them they could figure it out and fix it. As all of this was occurring, Jim’s family and everyone would watch the T.V.from home and there would be a priest in the room. It gave everyone confidence and a lot faith and hope to have the priest present. All of the the women who husbands were on Apollo 13 really stuck together and were being very helpful and strong for one another, especially the women who had to be there for the children. I can really relate to Jim Lovell l and his family because the way he carries himself and the way him and his wife have such a solid connection. For example what I mean about that is how they don't just care about themselves. They care about everyone around them like the people in their

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