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Rough Draft Throughout William Faulkner’s The Unvanquished, Granny’s death sparks a different sense of morality not previously found in Southern households. Motivated by her circumstances, Granny Millard utilizes her assets to her advantage as she is able to start a business with Bayard and Ringo, deceiving Ab Snopes and others along the way. This moment in the novel ultimately defines Granny as a firm believer in the Southern moral code rather than the equal judgement setting depicted in the war. Faulkner depicts Granny to be the ideal woman at the time. She held a courageous, yet rather feminine position. Her utilizing Ringo and Bayard to make business deals were rather resourceful, but as she is faced with the possibility of death, she…show more content…
In front of the boys, she is courageous and harmless. The combination truly allows her to exploit Grumby and Snopes, but Granny’s innocence gets her killed by Grumby’s non gender-bias beliefs. Through her attempts to appear as lady-like as possible, Granny’s old order attitude is not caught up with the times. As Granny truly comprehends the possibility of her death, she clarifies that stealing should never be tolerated. Her willingness to get an honest moral across ultimately defines Granny Millard. Also, Granny emphasizes courage should lead not only by her words, but also by her actions. Granny takes the burden saying “I have sinned. I have stolen and I have born false wittiness against my neighbor.” Granny is taking the sins of Bayard and Ringo, defining her as an “unsung” hero. In a setting where war influences one’s heroic presence, Granny maintains honor without actively fighting. When Bayard sees the Granny as “little and light and dry as a stick,” Granny is contradictory defined as a hero. Brave and courageous, Granny blooms into a hero. As she dies, her honorable death influences Bayard’s honor. In retrospect, Granny’s believing in the moral code, exploiting the men, and clarifying the morals to the boys all define Granny as the fearless hero she

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