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Samantha Moore Mr. Biber English III Honors 9 October 2015 The Call of the Wild and White Fang 1. One of the minor characters is Manuel. Manuel is one of the gardener’s helpers for Judge Miller who kidnaps Buck and sells him to Klondike gold hunters. He is deceitful, sneaky, selfish, disloyal, and greedy. 2. The novel is written from third person limited omniscient which describes all of the thoughts and feelings of only one character. After White Fang is born, the narrator describes only White Fang’s thoughts and feelings. London shares White Fang’s thoughts when he writes, “But as he lay there, suddenly there came to him a feeling as of something terrible impending” (London 146). 3. A. “He was not so large, - he weighed only one hundred and forty pounds, - for his mother, Shep, had been a Scotch shepherd dog” (London 6). This quotation describes Buck’s physical qualities by saying that he is not that big and by giving his weight.…show more content…
“Buck retreated two or three steps. He wanted, not to escape a clubbing, but to have leadership. It was by his right. He had earned it, and he would not be content with less” (London 37). This passage gives an example of what Buck is doing, and how he is feeling. C. “’ Eh? Wot I say? I spik true w’en I say dat Buck two devils.’” (London 36). This quote is what Francois is saying about Buck and how he is feeling towards Buck’s

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