La Femme Nikita

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In the short clip from the TV series La Femme Nikita by Luc Besson titled, Nikita 23rd birthday, a women named Nikita was just released from prison by a man named Michael. After being realest from prison Michael takes her to a restaurant and gives her a gift for her birthday. In the box she finds that there is a hand gun and Michael orders her to kill a man, sitting behind her, and escape without being killed. Throughout the short clip Besson used many different film technique to show the emotion of Nikita as she tries to keep herself alive and make it out of the restaurant without being killed. To really understand how Besson showed Nikita emotion through film we will look at cinematography, editing, mise-en- scène, and how they all…show more content…
There are many different amazing camera shots that directors use when creating their films for example, long shot, medium shot, and close-up. A long shot is a landscape shoot that gives the viewers an idea of the sitting the film is being shot at. For example, in the he beginning of the Nikita Birthday scene the director is showing us that this scene will be taken pace in a restaurant using a long camera shot. A medium shot is a shot that is focused on the characters from waist up. This shot gives the viewers the ability to see the characters actions up close. Besson uses a medium shot, in shot 9 and 10, when Michael gives Nikita her birthday gift. In this shot the camera is focused on Nikita and Michael letting the viewer’s feel like there sitting right next to them. With a close-up shot, you see the face of the character or another object. This shot is used if the director wants the viewer to see the characters’ emotion more clearly. This technique is used in shot 46, when Nikita is in the bathroom trying to escape out the bathroom and finds that there is no way out. This shot is a great close-up shot on Nikita because you can see that she is sad and scared that the way that Michael told her to escape from was not there. Although, camera shot is used to demonstrate different aspects of a film, camera movement is used to shape meaning of a film for example tracking and panning. Tracking shot is used to track and object or character. In shot 51 the camera is tracking Nikita as she was into the door of the kitchen and walking down the hall. Panning is used to give the viewers a panoramic view to establish a scene. Panning I also used in shot 51 when Nikita turns the corner into the main kitchen the camera pans to the right showing that she just walked into the main part of the kitchen. Third we have camera angle; camera

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