When Mr Pirrzada Came To Dine Analysis

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The concept of globalisation has delimited the distance of the world, and it opened the numerous paths for every human being to get suitable opportunity for his livelihood in any part of the world. The migrates make efforts to adapt the culture of their inhabiting countries, and also try to get habitual with the mores of there. But the inherent culture makes them close to the spirit of their native countries, and originates the sense of cultural conflicts. They make every possible effort for sustaining their cultural identity, and the first generation of immigrant and migrated people inculcate the essential elements of their cultural inheritance to next generation in the alien land. There are the stream of Diasporic writers in the world literature,…show more content…
The second story, ‘When Mr. Pirzada Came to Dine’, is based on the year of 1971 in which the civil war of Pakistan took place to transform East Pakistan into an independent country known as Bangladesh. The story highlights the longings of a Bangladeshi scholar Mr. Pirzada, who visits America to study the flora of New England, for his war-ridden family in Bangladesh. ‘Interpreter of Maladies’ is the third story of the book in which American born Indian couple Mr. and Mrs. Das with their children visit to India to see Udaigiri and Khandagiri, and, eventually, Mrs. Das narrates her life’s dark secrets to their chauffeur Mr. Kapasi. The story of Boori Maa who suffers severe mental torments for her lost family, prosperity, land, and home is in the fourth story ‘The Real Durwan’. The next story, fifth one, ‘Sexy’ is the best example of the ideal blending of two diverse cultures. Small boy Rohin’s conversations with Miranda change the perspective of her, and help to overcome from an illicit physical relationship with a married man named Dev. The portrayal of the experiences of an Indian migrated couple, Mr. and Mrs. Sen, in America is in the sixth story entitled ‘Mrs. Sen’s’. Sanjeev and Twinkle’s successful compromise for organising any task, despite of a lot of conflicts and contradictions in the outlooks regarding religion and believe, exhibits in the seventh story ‘This Blessed House.’ The eighth story ‘The Treatment of Bibi Haldar’ is based on an unwanted child conceived by Bibi Haldar after getting sexually assaulted. The infant child leads the protagonist from neurotic, spinster, and overwrought state of mind to normality. ‘The Third and Final Continent’, last and ninth story of the book, explores the struggling story of a narrator who presents his across the

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