Pro Slavery Argumentative Essay

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Fredrick Douglass’ “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave,” tells about Douglass’ life being a slave and how he managed to get out of the grip from slavery. Douglass learned to read and write. This knowledge enabled him to understand the reasoning behind slavery; as stated in this quote; “to meet and understand the arguments brought forward to sustain slavery.” (Douglass) this shows Douglass’ knowledge about slavery’s reasons gaining with the more he begins to read. Gradually Over time, the argument over pro-slavery evolved from the stand point that slavery was a much needed evil to the world and ultimately changed to it being actually a positive good. This is one of the many pro slavery arguments within Douglass’ narrative. This states the quick change that Douglass created from his speeches he made for slavery. “For thousands are ushered into the world. Who. Owe their existence to white fathers, and those fathers most frequently their own…show more content…
Helping to aid in situations in life. The more educated will have a better understanding of the struggles within life. This will ultimately lead the educated to strive above the rest. Being raised without education and only learning how to be someone’s servant would not aid in life. There would be no thought or idea of the basics in life. These basics enable one to have a happy, enjoyable life. With this said Douglass did not learn the basics when he was young. Without those basics learned Douglass never knew how to filter his emotions right. His mother died and at that sight Douglass was not in a saddened state. ”…much the same emotions I should have probably felt at the death of a stranger.” (Douglass) He, himself was never loved or felt love. When Douglass began to get an education his mind was opened to all the world. He also began to understand the reasoning’s behind the enslavement of

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