How Did Chris Gardner Succeed In The Pursuit Of Happyness?

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In life situations present themselves to individuals; whether these situations are good or bad often relies on the outlook of the person. If an individual chooses to let their life be determined by the negatives, their actions will in turn be destructive. On the other hand, if a person chooses to be a beacon of strength, their responses will lead to a future of splendor. In the movie, Chris Gardner is faced with the dilemma of trying to support a family while under a rigorous internship. Chris responds to the crisis by becoming more determined and tenacious. He takes on the role of both father and mother for his son, and at the same time he tries to make a living by selling bone density scanners. In the film, The Pursuit of Happyness, Mr. Gardner…show more content…
The individual must search and find different solution to a problem so that they can survive. In the movie, Chris Gardner searches for an opportunity to help his family with their financial problems. At one point he saw the chance to sell bone density scanners, the “next biggest thing in the medical field”. Spending his whole life’s earning, he gained a contract to sell them. This business opportunity was one of the many steps that Mr. Gardner was taking to place himself and his family in an economically stable environment. However, the scanners were considered a “luxury” for the hospital’s; making them difficult to sell. While selling his machines he has a chance encounter with a manager of a major broker company. After meeting the manager, Jay Twistle, Chris started to see the possibilities of working at the brokerage, and based off the success of the manager he was very intrigued. When Chris learns about an opportunity at the brokerage he feels that he has found a way to help his family economically, he couldn’t resist the opening. He has the tenacity to continue searching for a chance to get the job at the brokerage. Chris continually talking with the manager so that he can find a way into the job with only high school courses. Mr. Gardner finds himself in the same cab as Jay Twistle and tries to figure a way to impress him, he uses his ability to solve the Rubik’s Cube to show his intelligence to Mr. Twistle. In Jay Twistle’s perspective it was “impossible to solve”, let alone do it in a limited amount of time. Mr. Gardner only had so much time to prove that he was smart enough to solve the Rubik’s Cube. This was his best chance to show why he should get the job as a broker. When he finished the cube Mr. Twistle was impressed with his work, because of this he gave him a chance at the broker job. When he was allowed to do an internship at the brokerage, he saw an opportunity to

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