Catcher In The Rye Holden's Journey Essay

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Throughout the story the reader tried to capture what Holdenis doing and what is modivating him to open his life to the audience . He tells that his parents say not to open up and not to say anything. But like any other troubled rebllious teenager he does. Holden has a journey and he takes a journey through the book. But the essetnial question is was Holden successful in his story. The auidence could all come to an agreement and say that Holden was. Holden went on a journey for help. The journey of Holden was a rode of redemption. Holden is a 16 year old fighting with his inner demons. He wasn’t able to handle certain thins, such as his brother ‘s,Allie, death. Holden looks for comfort in the story for his brothers death because that’s a main…show more content…
Holden opens up to the auidence more than charaters.However there is a couple of people that Holden opens up to. Those people are trusted ones he loves that’ll get help from. The numerous people that guided Holden through his life gave Holden advice on things he nees to do as a person. From Mr.Spencer to Jane and Phoebe, they all inspired Holden to do something that will benefit him. Within the story its hard to exactly figure out the journey holden is on and the reader has to be intreged in the begginning , ivested and intrested into holdenst story. Holden says goodbyes because not he’s leaving but beacause he doesn’t know of a return. He gets advice from people within saying his goodbyes so he can onfrim this is the right decsion. “IF YOU REALLY want to hear about, the first thing you’ll probably want to know where I was born, and what my lousy childhood was like….” This is a first account of Holden’s journey. Holden went on a journey for help. And in the beginning hes talking to someone. Holden was successful in his journey. He started to begin his journey with us and he got help from us. The journey was to get us invest our time in him and we

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