Jurassic Park: A Time Before Sequels

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Jurassic Park: A Time before Sequels In 1993, Steven Spielberg came together with Michael Crichton to bring to life one of the most powerful stories ever told. In a time before computer graphics and green screen landscapes, Spielberg created a cinematic masterpiece that could rival even today’s most richly edited films. In an age of constant technological advancement and discovery, Ingen, a genetic research corporation, sets out to build an island theme park filled with dinosaurs. After a team of specialist visit the island to offer their opinion, the security malfunctions and the tour of a lifetime soon becomes a fight for survival. Jurassic Park has stood as a timeless classic not because of the stunning visuals and heart stopping effects,…show more content…
Jurassic World did make a more impressive point about how easily the world grows bored of its current entertainment. Claire, one of Jurassic World’s executives, says “The park needs a new attraction every few years in order to reinvigorate the public's interest. Kind of like the space program”. She says that the public always wants something bigger, something louder, with more teeth. This is the stronger message that prevails in the movie, it solidifies the way that people, especially western culture, quickly move from fad to fad never truly satisfied or impressed by anything. This includes 50 foot tall lizards that have been extinct for 65 million years. While this theme of humanity’s apathy is powerful, Jurassic World still presented itself primarily as the next big landmark in special…show more content…
In the original Jurassic Park the island was filled with entrepreneurs, scientists, programmers, and mathematicians. They were smart people doing incredible things, every character was multidimensional and has almost a direct reflection in Jurassic World. In both movies there were two kids whose parents were getting a divorce. In Jurassic Park they were intelligent far beyond their years. Tim was at most 8 years old and studying scientific journals on paleontology and the dinosaurs. His sister, only a few years older was a self-proclaimed hacker and saved all parties when she hacked into the park’s controls and reset security. The siblings in Jurassic World were shallow characters who did little to contribute to the plot other than to increase suspense by having a child in danger. Through further analyzation more parallels are seen. The original paleontologist duo Grant and Ellie were strong intellectual leads. They took on the positive personality traits of both nerd and macho stereotypes, able to recite scientific rhetoric and fearlessly face a pack of velociraptors. Grant developed as the film progressed from a typical no nonsense man who could not tolerate immaturity to a new father figure for the scared children. These incredible characters were replaced by Owen and Claire in Jurassic World. Claire, took shape as a generic career woman who never had time for anything but her job. Owen was

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