Costa Ric A Picture Analysis

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“A picture is worth a thousand words.” At this very moment, it was a serene and peaceful day, the sun was setting and the weather felt nice; it was a perfect family vacation day. Pictures tell stories, create memories, and also create or can recreate emotion. During the summer, my family decided to take a family trip to Costa Rica. After visiting and experiencing what it is like in Costa Rica, I realized it is one of the most beautiful places I have visited so far. As a family, we went traveling around to the most famous locations in Costa Rica, one being the beautiful Monkey Head Rock located in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. We began our day by going on a boat ride that would take a couple of hours to reach this famous rock, and by sunset we had…show more content…
This picture I took captured the beauty that was viewed through my eyes so accurately. For example, in the picture, the clear blue sky reminds me of the perfect weather the day had. The way the clouds were formed makes the sky look intriguing, as well as the shadows and contrast in colors of the sky. As I stare at the tiny waves in the photograph, I remember the feeling of the waves hitting the boat and swaying it lightly back and forth. The sun setting behind the clouds makes the outline of the rock appear dark, which makes it clear to see that the rock is formed in the shaped of a monkey’s…show more content…
He is saying that an image you are looking at is a reproduction and that it does differ from the original because its individuality is missing. However, opposing Benjamin’s analysis, the reproduction of the image of the Monkey Head Rock makes me realize and view the emphasis of the beauty the original sight more than I did before I saw the photograph I took. For instance, without the reproduction, I would not have realized small details that make the picture meaningful such as the formation of the clouds, or the contrast of the colors between the sky and the rock. I would not have been able to look back at this scenery and appreciate how amazing the sight I saw is and by looking at the photograph it brought back all the memories I shared with my loved ones on that

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