What Role Does Moses Play In The Exodus

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The journey through the wilderness at the time of the great exodus was one of particular hardship, for Moses and his people as well as for the Lord. The biblical portrayal of events throughout the exodus indicates that these hardships brought about a variety of emotions, such as love, justice, and mercy. These emotions had an impact on the relationship between the Lord and the Israelites and between the Lord and Moses. Specifically, when reading through the eleventh chapter of the book of Numbers, a unique and complex relationship between the Lord and His people is formed due to the characteristics of Moses and the Lord which are seen as a result of the wide span of emotions of Moses, the Lord, and the Israelites. To start with, a characteristic…show more content…
The Lord shows his mercy to Moses and the Israelites countless times throughout the exodus. In the previous case of the Lord setting a portion of their camp ablaze, the people cried to Moses who in turn “…prayed to our Lord, and the fire was quenched” (D-R, Num. 11:2). Additionally, the Lord showed his mercy to his people even despite their complaints, for when they complained to Moses that they only had bread to eat and not meat, the Lord gave them meat because of his steadfast love for them: “And a wind coming forth from our Lord, taking quails over the sea brought them, and let them fall into the camp the space of one day’s journey, on every side of the camp round about, and they did fly in the air two cubits high over the earth” (D-R, Num.…show more content…
Wherefore do I not find grace before thee? And why hast thou laid the weight of all this people upon me? Have I conceived all this multitude, or begotten them, that thou shouldest say to me: Carry them in thy bosom as the nurse is wont to carry the little infant, and bear them into the land, for which thou hast sworn to their fathers? Whence shall I have flesh to give to so great a multitude? They whine against me, saying: Give us flesh that we may eat. I alone cannot sustain all this people, because it is heavy for me. But if it seem unto thee otherwise, I beseech thee to kill me, and let me find grace in thine eyes, that I be not molested with so great evils” (D-R, Num.

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