What Rises Must Converge

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What Rises Must Converge written in 1965 and Good Country People written in 1955 were both written by Flannery O'Connor.We all have different perspectives on what we view the world as. With generation gaps come differences on issues and view on the world. In the short stories, Good Country People and What rises must converge display the differences in society of change and the perspectives that we see it as, in which What Rises Must Converge comes out as a better story. In both of the stories the author uses irony and a surprise ending in her story to show how different generations have different perspectives. In Good Country People the mother seems disappointed in the daughter and her accomplishments. She has a doctorate yet she shows no respect. But the daughter doesn't learn not to care about it, as she still lives at home. This is a clear example of the mother showing that her generation judges worth by age and impressions, while the daughter needing approval from her mother to move on. Then the bible salesman came to town he talked to everybody and came off as a friendly guy. The guy has almost no value to…show more content…
The slow beginning of a bus ride with the mother and her son. The mother had an old view of society, stuck in her racist views. Again as in before the child has an education, but doesn't move away from home. This seems to possibly show that O'Connor's didn't approve of her life as a writer. Julian, the man, has an awkward encounter with another black man, but nothing comes of it in the plot's development. As the end approaches and they leave the bus, Julian's mother tries to gives the boy a nickel, but after not finding one she gives him a penny. The black boy's mom flips out, hitting Julian's mom and running, saying they don't take handouts. Julian wanted his mother to learn, but his provocation had made things already to far along to
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