To Kill A Mockingbird Should Be Banned Essay

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Many people regard your banned novel To Kill A Mockingbird as a timeless classic due to its beautiful story and themes. Through Scout’s narration and the series of events within the story, you have produced a piece of art that teaches numerous lessons that readers can apply to their lives. While the novel may be treasured for these aspects, it contains several ideas and words that could be mentally detrimental to a younger audience, which caused it to be banned. It is mentally harmful since some plot points and several of the terms used are far too mature for kids to view. In addition, the setting of the novel creates a skin color based environment that modern day children should not be faced with. Despite being viewed as a timeless classic that teaches great lessons, it was right to ban the novel since it contains rape, offensive language, and racism; all of which should not be exposed to students of a young age.…show more content…
The descriptions of the rape during the trial are too extreme for children to read since they are quite graphic and thorough. For example, Mayella says, “‘fore I knew it he was on me. Just run up behind me, he did. He got me round the neck, cussin’ me an’ sayin’ dirt […] He hit me agin an’ agin-’” (Lee 241). Through this explanation, it creates a visualization that is immensely sickening and may make some feel uncomfortable. In addition, with young children reading of forced sex and violence, it may cause them to lose their innocence. While some may consider the rape to be “a minor aspect of the book as a whole,” nearly all parents or guardians want to maintain their child’s innocence and keep them safe from wrong aspects of the world (Perles). Bandwagon. Since everybody desires for his or her child to not know of bad things, join the group and realize the book was appropriately banned for this

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