What Is The Scapegoat In The Crucible

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Scapegoating Keeps Flowing Like People Boating When there is a threat in the midst of society, people will find an easy target to blame. Time after time humans have used scapegoating to release the stress and paranoia. Not only do people blame others relieve stress, but people blame others to reduce the suspicion of themselves. Arthur Miller explained his reason of writing The Crucible in Why I Wrote The Crucible. Miller saw the similarities of Salem and Red Scare (fear of Communism in the United States). Another example was the poem, Half-Hanged Mary, by Margaret Atwood. In the poem Mary was an easy scapegoat for the witchcraft paranoia. The Crucible, written by Arthur Miller, supports the idea of blaming others to avoid being blamed. Throughout history people have always searched for someone to blame in order to feel less of a threat even if the scapegoat was falsely accused.…show more content…
Abigail Williams, being one of the girls, was determined to not get in trouble. When one of the girls informed Salem that Abigail drank the blood of a chicken during the ritual, Abigail cried that she was under the influence of a slave. Once the slave was blamed by Abigail was now a victim of “witchcraft” rather than a suspect. Not only did she relieve herself of becoming a suspect, she was able to blame someone that was an easy target and did not have much of a say in her defence. Eventually all the girls that were discovered dancing realized Abigail's intent, and so they all followed, hoping to reduce the suspicion off of them. Throughout The Crucible the group of girls blamed many innocent men and women and took their lives as an escape of punishment for dancing. Abigail saw that scapegoating created the opportunity for her to harm one for her own

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