Margaret Atwood's Negative Effects On Scapegoats

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The Negative Effects on Scapegoats ¨When societies come under stress these kinds of things happen. People start looking around for essentially human sacrifices. They start looking around for someone they can blame,¨ Margaret Atwood proclaimed in her interview with Bill Moyers. Going through the poem ¨Half Hanged Mary¨ by Margaret Atwood, The Crucible by Arthur Miller, and Herb Block cartoon ¨It's okay-- we're hunting Communists¨ from Washington Post, it is easy to see why people have used scapegoating in the past, and even today. Scapegoating is when a person or a group incriminate other people. Communities have used scapegoating for many years, due to the stress of what may happen to them, or to save their lives. They may feel it’s…show more content…
Margaret Atwood chronologically tells us about how Mary was accused by people for having flaws, and owning land, but she was also known as a healer to many. Back then land was never typically owned by women, so maybe some men or women seen this as a threat, or was jealous of her land, and they may have also been concerned about her healing techniques, so they accused her and she was hanged. But fortunately, she survived the hanging over night, and the law claims that you can not be punished for your crimes twice. During Mary’s hanging, Margaret illustrates how Mary notices people she have helped with her healing, but instead of helping her in return, they stare with tight lips. Although they may have not been the accusers, they did nothing to help Mary, although she helped…show more content…
In the photo it's noticeable that both men are in the car with President Hoover driving and Joseph McCarthy in the passenger seat, driving recklessly around town. The men are hitting people, and driving on the sidewalk. It is obvious that neither man cares what they are doing, or who they are hurting. On the rear of the car, it says "Committee on Un-American Activities." This committee was an anti-communist committee, with Joseph McCarthy involved of course. McCarthy accused many people of being a communist, some may have been, but most weren't. One of the accused was Arthur Miller, author of The Crucible. McCarthy was wrong to go around and accuse people of things that he could not prove. McCarthy was scared of what would happen if too many people became communist, so he felt that he had to take care of that problem, before it became a problem. He used scapegoating as his resolution, but in this case, as in most cases of scapegoating, it was not fair to the citizens who were accused without proof of being a

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