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I saw the Jefferson Preforming Arts Society (JPAS) production of “My Fair Lady” on Friday September 25th at the newly opened Jefferson Performing Arts Center. I have to say the play was well put together, but overall it was disappointing. Although the music, set, venue, and acting were excellent, the script was too long and unnecessarily drawn out. This play was written by Alan Jay Lerner and is based on George Shaw’s “Pygmalion”. Fredrick Loewe wrote the music. This play started on Broadway in 1956. It has set the record for the longest running musical in history. My favorite part of this play was the music. The live orchestra was amazing. The musical numbers played at perfect times throughout play. I found the mood to be light and not dramatic. The music went well with this theme. It was laid back, relaxing, and put me in a good mood. My two favorite songs in the play were “Wouldn’t It Be lovely” and “Get Me to the Church on Time.” I liked both the music and the performances for these numbers. In “Wouldn’t it be Lovely”, Eliza sings with the cockney men who were on the street with her. The number was really cute, and all the costumes were believable. In “Get Me to the Church on Time”, all the lower class, cockney people in the…show more content…
I really liked the costumes she wore at this time. It was cool to see her costumes change along with her. At the beginning, her street clothes were made to look like they had been thrown together. As she began to learn how to speak correctly, her wardrobe began to change. While she was in the process of learning, she wore more casual clothes. Although they were casual, they still looked better than her original tattered wardrobe. When she finally learned, Mr. Higgins took her out to test her in public. This is when she wore some of my favorite costumes. She began to wear dresses that a “real lady” would wear, complete with matching

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