Friendship: A Comparison Of Football And RBB Fantasy Football

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Friendship As children grow to be teenagers, often their time and values distance themselves from those of their parents. So is the case of my son, the seventeen year old superman, who possesses both the intelligence of today and the ignorance of tomorrow in abundance. Having survived my own teen years with minor scars, I tend to understand the need for individual expression more than my better half. Labor Day brings with it not only the great American celebration of our labor force, but also the beginning of the NFL football season and the RBB fantasy football draft. Hoping to maintain a balance of friendship and a connection to guide into adulthood with my son, I saw this opportunity present itself as Labor Day approached. Knowing the aversion my son has towards sports in general, I knew the disgruntled emotions on tap once I volunteered him to be my assistant. Really, what would a teenager want with a group of middle aged men sitting around playing a pretend sport? Little did he know, I wanted to introduce my too cool son to a…show more content…
Our team would be built around Andrew Luck at quarterback or Adrian Peterson at running back to ensure the stability of our weekly scoring. In fantasy football, you can never win your league with your first pick, but as last year’s pick of Monte Ball proved, you can lose it. Awarded with partial ownership, my son quickly decided on the running back after Luck went with the first pick. From there, it was on to other impact players as our picks arrived, some of those bringing on rookie hazing and harassment while others delivering laughter only expected of loyal lifetime friends. Soon, I found myself looking around in astonishment as my unhappy, football ignorant son was fully engaged and enjoying spending moments within our little circle right up until the last few picks of the

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